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2017 Fall Foliage Tours

2016 Fall Foliage ToursWhen you think of 2017 Fall Foliage Tours, the first things that come to mind are autumn, cool weather, New England, winding roads, unique stores and an array of fall colors (red, yellow, purple and brown.) Travelers come from all around to experience the crisp cooler temperatures and the great outdoors. From Maine to Massachusetts, tucked away in colonial villages, seaside villages, crystal clear lakes and cobbled streets, you’ll find the quintessential New England, the core of America and the essence of our history. Autumn's crisp chill and vibrant colors provide the perfect backdrop for a visit to New England. Now planning your Fall Foliage vacation is even easier, as we have done all the work for you. There are so many ways to travel while in New England. Choose from escorted tours, vacation packages, rail journeys and cruises. Fall Foliage Tours can not only save you money but provide the best value for traveling to New England.

Best Time To Plan A New England Escorted Fall Foliage Tour

Best Time To Plan A New England Escorted Fall Foliage Tour 

The main difference between traveling through New England during the Fall Foliage and anywhere else in the world is timing… When planning your 2017 escorted fall foliage tour, you must first realize that fall foliage occurs during a small window of time. If you wait too long, you’ve missed it, and if you arrive too early, well you’ll miss it. This being said, and knowing what you know now, the best time to plan a tour like this is a year in advance. You should then plan to be booked nine (9) months prior to your departure. It’s really as simple as that if you wish to confirm your space and purchase the least expensive airfare. Due to the narrow window of time, space is normally sold out within six (6) months of peak fall foliage, and by this time airfare can be in the $500.00 per person area, which is what you want to avoid.

Here are just a few of the BEST DEALS for 2017 Fall Foliage Tours:

2016 Escorted Fall Foliage Tours 2016 Escorted Fall Foliage Tours 2016 Escorted Fall Foliage Tours

If you were unable to secure space on a 2016 Fall Foliage Tour...

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New England's Fall Foliage Express

By Great Train Escapes . 8 Days starting at $2,299

You are about to embark on the most magnificent eight day rail and land journey the world has to offer and the only one of its kind in New England. The only company in the world able to travel by rail and motorcoach through all 6 New England states d.. (click for more)


Trains Across Scenic Colorado

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Fall Foliage Tours, Cruises & Vacation Packages

What Is Fall Foliage?

One of the greatest productions Mother Nature puts on every year is the Fall Foliage Show! Scientists have been working on a theory for years and they have yet to break into a basic understanding of what Fall Foliage is and what causes it.

What Causes Fall Foliage?

What causes this beautiful phenomenon and when does fall foliage take place? The leaves change colors due to the lack of chlorophyll from colder weather and less sun, which causes pigmentation to be produced on the leaves. As to when this occurs, depends fully on climate change, and we all know how unpredictable mother nature can be. We recommend travel in October. Also, the further North you go, the more colors you will see.

When Is The Best Time To Experience Fall Foliage

Because the travel months are limited to 4 to 6 weeks, we recommend booking your fall foliage tour at least 6 months in advance, as trips do sell out quickly due to the limited window of time.

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