Things to See and Do During Fall Foliage

Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Here are some things to see and do during fall foliage throughout New England:

  • Plymouth Rock

    Plymouth Rock is the celebrated landing place of the Mayflower. In 1620 the Mayflower landed here with the New World's first pilgrims.
  • Martha's Vineyard

    Martha's Vineyard was originally inhabited by Wampanoag Indians. It was named by Bartholomew Gosnold, a 17th century European sailor who explored the Vineyard. Bartholomew, who had a daughter Martha, found wild grapes growing on the island.
  • Rhode Island

    Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Nipmuck Indians lived in Rhode Island prior to the arrival of colonists-who desired religious freedom-in 1630. Rhode Island became a state in 1790.

    The smallest of the 50 states, Rhode Island is 48 miles long by 37 miles wide. With 400 miles of jagged coastline, Rhode Island nickname is the "Ocean State."
  • Newport

    The exclusive resort town of Newport, known as the sailing capital of the world, is situated on the southern tip of Aquidneck Island. The first U.S. tennis championships were held here at the Newport Casino in 1881.

The Best Fall Festivals To Go To

Posted on Friday, August 25, 2017

Best Fall FestivalsCan you believe that fall will be here before you know it? It’s time for cool air, changing leaves and a fall festival or two. Here are some of the best fall festivals to go to.

What: Apples

Where: National Apple Harvest Festival In Arendtsville, Pennsylvania

When: The First Two Weekends In October

For those who love apples, this is a great festival to go too. There are lot of apple culinary delights including fresh-pressed apple juice. There’s plenty to do including watching demonstrations, going on an orchard tour and doing some square dancing. For the kids, there is a petting zoo and steam engine demonstrations. One thing that people come from near and far to participate in is the apple picking. There are plenty of apples to pick and bring home with you.

What: Pumpkins

Where: World Championship Punkin’ Chunkin’ In Nassau, Delaware

When: November 3-5

So what do you do with leftover pumpkins after Halloween? You hurl them through the air of course! Over 100,000 people are expected to be in attendance this year at the event. For those that want to compete in the actual “punkin’ chunkin’” they will have to make their own pumpkin launching machine. As far as food goes there is a pumpkin cooking competition and a chili cooking contest. If you do plan on attending this event, don’t forget to duck if you see a pumpkin being hurled your way.

What: Beer

Where: German Village Oktoberfest In Columbus, Ohio

When: September

Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way over to Germany in order to experience Oktoberfest. Each year in Columbus, participants can experience what a trip to Munich would be like. Located at the Ohio State Fairgrounds, each of the three buildings that houses this event is packed with German food like frankfurters and sauerkraut, music, polka and of course, beer. There’s also plenty of Deutsch goods to purchase if you want a souvenir to take home.

What: Cranberries

Where: Warrens Cranberry Festival In Warren Wisconsin

When: September 22-24

The tiny town of Warren, with a population of fewer than 400 residents, hosts a huge cranberry festival every year. Thousands of people flock to the town to participate in all of the festivities. This will be the 45th year that this festival has taken place. There’s a parade, marsh tours and a lot of food to try including fried cranberries.

Fall Foliage Races

Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fall Foliage RacesWe all know that one of the best ways to see fall foliage is by car, but how about thinking outside of the box this year and taking part in a race? Not only is running healthy for you, but seeing all of the beautiful colors of the leaves can be good for your soul as well. Here are some of the more popular fall foliage races that take place.


Run The Valley Fall Foliage Race In Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Runners will get the opportunity to run through some of the historical neighborhoods in this area. They can choose from either a 5K or 10K run, 5K walk or even a kids fun run. Even if the air is brisk, no worries as warm apple cider can be enjoyed at the finish line. The Virginia Fall Foliage Festival Art Show coincides with the race so it’s fun to take a peek at some of the artwork once the race is finished.


Falling Leaves Road Race In Utica, New York

There are two different races participants can run in: a 5K that’s fairly easy thanks to the flat streets or an 14K that’s more scenic, but has a lot of hills to navigate. For the kids there’s also a fun run. No matter what race you choose to partake in, don’t forget to take in all the red, yellow and orange colors that are surrounding you.


Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon In Massachusetts

This 13.1 mile run starts at one of the oldest parks in the U.S., Franklin Park. This run is fairly scenic as not only will runners get to see the fall foliage, but meadows, oaks and stone bridges as well. There’s also the Jamaica Pond Boathouse that makes the exhaustion of the run more than worth it.


Waterford Fall Foliage Road Race In Maine

As if the fall foliage wasn’t enough, runners can enjoy the scenery of Keoka Lake as the race takes places along the shores here. Participants can choose either a 5K or a short, 1 mile race. At the finish line there are samples of chili and jugs of maple syrup to enjoy.


Fall Foliage Run, Walk & Bike In Brownington, Vermont

This race starts at the Old Stone House Museum and makes it’s way through the Northeast Kingdom. Participants can run or walk in a 5k or participate in a 12 mile bike race. At the end of the race participants not only get snacks and awards, but a special treat as well- pressed apple cider.

Fall Foliage By The Numbers

Posted on Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fall foliage is an art show put on by nature. It occurs when the green leaves of deciduous trees change colors as winter starts to approach. These colors include deep crimson, bold orange and dark yellow. Fall foliage is very popular among tourists and many people visit a city in the fall just to see this magnificent display in the making. There are a lot of numbers that can be associated with fall foliage which makes this phenomenon even more interesting.

Fall Foliage By The Numbers

  • 3 out of 10 people that come to Massachusetts in the fall are specifically visiting the area to see fall foliage. This is equal to thousands of people!

  • The 2 best months to see fall foliage are September and October.

  • There are 3 factors that greatly influence how vibrant the colors will be during a fall foliage season: cool air, water stress and photoperiod. Because of this, it’s hard to predict when exactly fall foliage will occur and when it will be at its peak.

  • 4 items are essential to having a good fall foliage trip. These include food, drinks, a camera of some type even if it’s just your camera phone and a bag to collect all of the leaves that you might find.

  • The majority of the United States sees fall foliage with the best viewing being in the following 8 states: Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin.

  • 3,165 is the number of feet that visitors hike up to the top of Mount Monadnock to see some of New Hampshire’s fall foliage.

  • $3 billion is the amount of money that tourists spend each year on activities related to fall foliage. This includes everything from hotel stays, to airfare or rental cars to even tours.

  • 950,000 is the amount of visitors that Vermont will see, with many of them visiting in the fall months.

  • Millions of leaves are shed after fall foliage has taken place.

  • Thousands of trash bags are used by individuals to collect the numerous leaves that are scattered about their yards when the leaves shed the trees after the fall.

  • $1250+ is the average amount a couple spends on a weekend trip to see fall foliage.

  • 100+ is the number of countries that fall foliage occurs in all throughout the world with popular places to see it besides America being Canada, Australia and J



Popular Fall Foliage Tours

Posted on Wednesday, February 08, 2017

One of the most popular Fall Foliage Tours year after year is the Trafalgar “Autumn Colors" This 9 day tour hits the highlights of the dazzling fall colors around New England, featuring classics from Acadia National Park to North Conway and Woodstock. In 2017, this tour operates from September 10 - October 10 with just 16 departures, the most popular being in the first 2 weeks of October. Included sights are Woodstock, the top of Cadillac Mountain and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. Enjoy the scenic drives along the Kancamagus Highway and Mohawk Trail. Early payment savings with Trafalgar are offered in January to save 10%, by February 28 to save 7, 5% and by April 27 to save 5%.

Colors of New England is the very popular Collette Vacations Fall Foliage Tour operating in September and up to October 12.This tour starts and ends in Boston with stops in Woodstock, Stowe, Vermont, North Conway, New Hampshire with a one hour cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and Kennebunkport .

Classic Fall Foliage by Globus includes a Lobster bake in Bal Harbor, a carriage ride through Acadia National Park, a visit to Billings Farm and museum in Woodstock, a colonial style dinner at the Salern Cross Inn at Sturbridge Village, Mystic Seaport and a farewell dinner at the Breakers mansion in Newport. This tour also conveniently starts and ends in Boston with tour dates from September 23 - October 13.

The icing on the cake is Tauck's Hidden Gems of New England, an 8 day tour telling the stories of visionaries and ordinary people that shaped the places that define New England with filmed vignettes by filmmakers Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan. This tour visits Ken Burn's private studio in Walpole, New Hampshire, guided tours of the Mark Twain House and Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Hartford, guided visits to Billings Farm and museum, Minute Man National Historic Park, saint Gaudens National Historic Site, Marsh- Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and so much more. Tauck never offers options and their tours are chock-filled with sightseeing, the finest restaurants, the best hotels and the most interesting highlights. Tauck offers only 6 departure dates for this tour with 3 in late September and 3 within the first 2 weeks of October.

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